Day 34 – We’re All Right Where We’re Supposed To Be

Today was one of those days that makes me love thru-hiking. There were so many little things that happened throughout the day that rekindled my sense that I am right where I want to be.

I woke up next to the lake, having slept in until the sun turned my tent into a broiling greenhouse.

Then there was a bit of a hike up 300m to a ridgeline, where the fun really began.

Along the way, I ran into four guys carrying heavy loads of bottled waters to who knows where. Maybe they were training?

Then, I came to a two-track up the side of a ridgeline, where someone stopped and asked if I needed a ride in Spanish. At least I think that’s what he was asking… in any case, I told him I was headed to Pas de la Casa, and that I had to walk, as per the “continuous footpath” part of the thru-hiker code. But I was glad he stopped and offered kindness (I think).

I made my way down from the ridge to the main highway leading into town, and I could hear tires screeching coming from just down below me. I took a look, and I was right above the Andorra Circuit raceway, where a few people were practicing their drift racing! It was fun to watch something totally different from what I’ve been doing. I grabbed a drink and some chips at the gas station, and entered relaxation mode, having made it successfully to another resupply point.

There was a short walk down to the town on trails parallel and down from the main highway. When I first got there, I tried to go to the burger king (cravings) but the line was out the door! So I decided to grab a hotel room for about $60 so I could have a base to do resupply and explore the town without my pack.

I grabbed 3 days of food at the market, and went back to the King to get my burger fix! It was truly amazing. A spiritual experience.

Then I walked around town and just took it all in. This was the largest commercial area I had been in since Paris, so it was fun to see all the different shops and markets and everyone out and about having fun (and mostly buying mass quantities of tax free liquor across the French border, lol). I grabbed a new pair of thick wool socks, since mine are in shreds.

Then I went back to the room and watched a storm roll in. I was glad not to be out hiking for once. This storm was mean. Heavy, consistent rain, from 6pm until midnight. Huge lightning strikes, and quite a bit of hail coated the roofs of the buildings outside of my room.

Ahhh yes. It was one of those days where everything worked out just right. I’m finally feeling at home here in Spain and France. I am excited to see what the next month holds. I have another 10 days to the Mediterranean sea to finish the HRP, and then we’ll see how she goes. I’d like to hike the GR5 in the French Alps next. Just have to make it there and start! That’s always the hardest part of hiking.

Oh well, it’s late. Good night!